Out In the Community

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Inn from the Cold and other Meal Programs for 2018 - Bridge Street United Church -  – For information and links to other city meal programs, call 613-962-9178, Check Inn from the Cold or Click here.

Belleville Mission Thrift Store (formerly Bibles For Missions) is seeking to hire a Part Time Assistant Manager. There is a description of the job and the qualifications needed posted on their web site, Part Time Assistant Manager. If you know of a person who has these qualifications, please have them send a resume by email to belleville@missionthriftstore.com before January 31, 2018.

Belleville Mission Thrift Store (formerly Bibles For Missions), URGENTLY needs volunteers. They need workers to help sort and get the goods on the shelves. For details contact Pastor Ray or call 613-962-5665, and ask for Deb. Don't forget - Donations are always being accepted.

Last Updated: January 14, 2018